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There is a recent, far more extensive newsletter (Late Year Outlook, Nov. 11. 2008) that can be found in our Newsletter Archives.

November 14, 2008
First thing I'll say is I DON'T know what is coming but I DO very much like the look of the following charts...And think the risk-reward in these trades is dead letter perfect...
As I've been saying, I think we are in a severe deflationary cycle and these two markets are still MILES above what might be considered "normal" levels...I believe the only reason they aren't already much lower is the markets just can't go from the moon back to earth in a matter of days...They CAN do it in a matter of months and that is exactly what I think is taking place...with both the Cattle and Soybean complexes now only being about half way to where they are going...
But this short letter has one purpose: To show you what it costs to take a shot, and what your risk is in doing so.
As always, I may be dead ass backwards about what is happening here but I personally think the bet is well worth the risk...which is all this stuff is ever about.
Give me a call if you are interested...
Short T-Bone Steaks...?
Until a year ago, $9.00 was a HIGH price for Soybeans...All the whoopteedoo about Chinese and Indian demand  pushing world commodity prices higher is as dead as Peking Duck and I don't see any reason why Beans should be valued at current levels.
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