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October 15, 2008
Just five charts with quick notes here...
Give me a call if you're interested in either the Bonds or the Cattle...or anything else you might want to look at...
Buy Treasury Bonds
I still think Bonds are winding up for a BIG move into new highs...US Treasuries are probably the safest, most attractive long term debt instrument on the planet...Whatever the stock market does, the economic fear and instability that is worldwide is NOT going away soon, and more and more scared money is going to find its way into the Bond market...  
Sell Cattle
Look at what Crude Oil has done...In the past three months it has been cut exactly in half...down 50%.
Now ask yourself this...Why should the cattle market be any different?...As of today, Live Cattle are still only down 21% from their recent record highs...and I believe they still have a long, long way to go...Just taking them down 30% from their highs gives you an 80 cent target...
We are still initiating new short positions. Now.
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