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July 12, 2006
Mostly charts here, including 30 year monthly's to give you a better picture as to where all of these markets have been in the past...and therefore could go there again, if not higher.
Weather is a major issue right now...Following USDA reports this morning, all of these major US crops traded lower then firmed up into the close, led by new recent high closes in Corn...I continue to buy Corn, Cotton, Soybeans and Wheat... Considering the world stocks situation, the Chinese shift from exporter to importer in a number of markets, and what is feeling like the hottest summer I can personally remember in years, I have no idea how high (if at all) any of these markets could go, nor which of them could be the biggest...So I want to own them all, with futures or with options or with combinations of both.
For my money, you just get on, define your risk, add if they start working....and see what happens. Seems like everything else we trade has been through giant bull moves during the past few years and it sure seems like the stage is set for the same thing to happen in this section of the futures markets. 
For what it's worth...after recommending it for over a year now I'm sure no one is listening...But I swear, the cotton market is ready.  At SOME point, Cotton will do what it is "famous" for, which is start up out of nowhere and just go...I'd be wasting my breath to give you reasons why I think we're "there", but I look at slightly out-of-the-money options in cotton and see enormous leverage. This IS a market that can make giant moves, and if Cotton is not going down from here, it is probably going up through the contract highs and far beyond that before December goes off the board...
If you're interested in any of what is here, give me a call and I'll give you the numbers...And if you are interested, I wouldn't wait around.
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