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March 31, 2022

If Soybean Oil was at 40 or 50 cents, I'd accept that maybe the last 6 weeks could extend sideways for even longer. But as we are just reached the all-time highs in this market, sideways is NOT what one would typically expect...rather that it either keeps blasting collapses back towards "reality." With ending the month down 2.15 cents today ($1290 per futures contract) and into new 6 week lows...and Soybeans doing the same, down 46 cents ($2300 per futures), in spite of the ongoing war...I can only think THIS COULD BE IT...the beginning of a classic grain markets straight down sort of blow out.




Here is another way to go…

I could be dead wrong…I have been on this for a LONG time…and losing…but I do think this trade DOES have the potential to pay off in BIG MULTIPLES…Otherwise I would have given up on it…And, of course, it goes without saying, if I am wrong, you could lose every dollar you invest in this.

But I think the risk vs reward here NEVER gets any better than what you see here…This market, which does get reproduced year after year, at its ALL TIME HIGHS…? And with what I see as a TON of leverage in Put options?

It took a while for the Eurodollar trade to come around but when it did it was definitely worth it…And this, I believe, is also the case with THIS “one good trade.”

I urge you to contact me and do something with this.Thanks,




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