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March 4, 2010

Buy Treasury Bonds…now.


Here’s the futures spread some of you are in…We are risking about $650 per spread, or somewhere around ½ point under “zero”.


Short the Soybean Complex…now.

Today’s 20 cent down move (maybe barely visible on the chart below) was not based on any particular news…but may have been Day 1 in what could become a $2-$3 move from here.




Every now and then this stuff has given me a “look” that has led me to believe, “Here it GOES!”, and every time I have been disappointed…Nevertheless, that is how I perceive this market once again…like it is finally ready to get its feet blown off, and I might as well tell you that we are pretty much “all in” here at Croker-Rhyne…There are very few defensive calls owned anymore…and all the bucks are now fully loaded on the short side…

Call me if you’re interested (and have any money left). I DO think this is monster leverage and DO think we’ll soon see $6.50 Beans and 25 cent Soybean Oil.


Bill Rhyne



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