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December 5, 2008

We were buying Crude Oil futures and options into today's $2.00 lower close today.
I have no reason to recommend this beyond the idea that this non-stop sell off has reached the point of absurdity without some sort of recovery rally...My feeling today was, "this is where a lot of people think to themselves, 'I ought to buy some of that' ", but they don't...So that is what we were doing right up to the closing bell...I obviously have other reasons but none of them really matter...In the end, this stuff is all just half witted educated guesses anyway...
This is not a long term idea. If Crude happens to rally $30, we will only be there for the first $10 or $15...If it's not going to turn around in the next $3-$4 we will probably take our loss and walk away.
Have a nice weekend...Call if you want some of this insanity,
Beans closed 27 1/2 cents lower today, or $1375 per futures contract...
Cattle were off 1.62 cents, or $648 per futures contract...
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