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November 24, 2021



I have long observed that markets often begin moves, or make reversals, around holidays. I have ideas as to why this is sometimes true, but why is irrelevant at the moment. Both Wheat and Corn put in key reversals today…and Soybean Oil was up almost 2 cents this morning, then closed just off its lows, only up about 50 points, leaving something of a spike. Meaningful? I don’t know…but it sure looked like it was taking off…running away this morning…and then did NOT…which left me thinking we just saw, “one last sucker rally,” which often can be followed by a QUICK immediate start on the downside.


Markets are open Friday for a half day (until 1:00 PM). Give me a call if you want to talk about this…or the Eurodollars, which closed into new lows today.

Trying my best to get guys on BEFORE this starts cranking…much like the Eurodollars 6 weeks ago I think.

Thanks. Enjoy your turkey.




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