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September 2, 2008

I may be dead, dead wrong but I truly believe bonds are about to leap on the upside...I've noted for years that Treasury Bonds are THE contrary opinion market...And when it's time to buy them, you will only find reasons not to do so in the media. Right now, the reason you'll most often see for not buying them is "Inflation!", which I firmly believe, as I've said too many times already, is now fading in the rear window...It would not surprise me at all to see bonds begin a 4-5 point, 5-10 day upside pop on any given day now.
Again, maybe I'm wrong, but there seems to be this blanket opinion out there that the decline in Crude MUST be bullish for stocks, almost to the point that very few people seem to really think stocks could have much downside from here. I still can't get away from the feeling there is still a major bearish "freakout" somewhere soon in front of us...
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