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May 11, 2022

 Over and over…Out of nowhere…And VERY quickly…That IS how Corn and Soybean bull markets have collapsed for as long as the futures markets have existed…

And it is quite possible that the move has ALREADY STARTED…sure looks like it to me…especially when I’d bet that not 1% of analysts out there would have expected Soybeans to be more than a $1.00 off their highs by now…They are all touting $21…not $11.

 Here are just a FEW examples that resemble the current market…


 And one more…

My thought is that if you’re not ready to short this…with prices being where they are (in the stratosphere), together with fact the whole damn community of ag analysts is unanimously bullish (including a bunch of Wall Street geniuses who wouldn’t know a soybean from rabbit tobacco)…then you are ignorng the 50 years of histories I keep showing you.

And yes, I have been early and wrong on this, but so too was the case in early 2020 when the whole world was bearish every commodity we trade (with $8.50 Soybeans, $3.00 Corn and $30 Crude Oil) and I started my “Buy Everything” campaign.

It IS frigging time to be on the short side here…Call me and get ON this…








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