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Big up today in Stocks - Big Down in Treasury Bonds

And I say both markets are just getting started….

April 1, 2019

HOW many times do have to see it to KNOW that the Stock Market is a buy. I have documented and repeated it for decades…That WHATEVER the well dressed, well spoken, seemingly intelligent “pros” are telling you is 99% of the time ultimately dead ass backwards…And the following quick capture of headlines from just the past 10 days IS a summary of what all the know-nothing brokerage house analysts, economists and strategists are thinking…And it is unquestionably STILL on the bearish side…EVEN AS THE STOCK MARKET MAKES NEW HIGHS FOR 2019.

Examples of what all the New York geniuses are saying right now…

I could give you more but there’s not enough room for all the “we’re headed for a recession” and “world slowdown” GARBAGE I’ve seen lately…So here’s a chart of the Dow that all those absurd headlines are predicting to go down…

Contrary to what all those guys would have you believe, Stocks ARE headed a LOT higher…And the other big one that those same nitwits are REALLY touting…and I believe are just dead, dead, dead wrong about…is this whole thing that “due to the fragile economy, interest rates have to stay lower…or go even lower.”

One more time, I think that is unmitigated horse manure and Rates are on their way up…that in fact, they have already STARTED MOVING HIGHER…and I THEREFORE IMMEDIATELY RECOMMEND BEING SHORT BOTH TREASURY BONDS & EURODOLLARS.

Both of these markets were down somewhat sharply today as the Stock Market made new highs for 2019.

If you disagree with the reasons I have been presenting here concerning both Stocks and Interest Rates, I would REALLY like to hear what you think.

And if you think I am making sense…Don’t just sit there and watch. Pick up the phone and let’s get you short Treasury Bonds and Eurodollars.

June Bonds – Dow 1 17/32 today…or $1531 per futures contract…

This IS starting to happen. We have had rallies in both of these markets…which I believe are undoubtedly OVER…And NOW is when you are supposed to establish short positions…into the strength we have HAD.

Can’t do it for you. Pick up the phone.

And strong day in the grains today…Up 12 cents in Soybeans, up 5 cents in Corn, and up 5 cents in Wheat. Cotton down ¼ cent…I FIRMLY BELIEVE WE HAVE SEEN THE BOTTOM IN ALL 4 OF THOSE MARKETS.





All option prices in this newsletter include all fees and commissions.

The author of this piece currently trades for his own account and has a financial interest in the following derivative products mentioned within: Treasury Bonds, Eurodollars


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